How to make an Espresso - NORLO

How to make an Espresso

You'll need:

Fine ground Norlo coffee
    Mineral water
    Espresso machine
        Tamper Favourite cup

           Basic Espresso Brewing Guide

          1. Remove the portafilter from the group head – twist from right to left until it dislodges.
          2. Flush the grouphead for two to three seconds.
          3. Empty the portafilter (if it isn’t already empty) and make sure there isn’t any leftover residue or moisture.
          4. Measure up your coffee: use scales for exact results.
          5. Pop the coffee in the portafilter, level it out with a light shake or a dosing tool.
          6. Tamp the coffee: use a hand tamper to firmly compress the grounds and level them out. This will force out any air pockets and create a longer extraction process.
          7. Clean the rim of the portafilter and spouts, and purge the grouphead.
          8. Lock the portafilter into the grouphead by twisting it from left to right, and select the cup.
          9. As soon as the portafilter is in, start the water flow. You have three to five seconds to put the cup under the spouts.
          10. Keep an eye on the extraction time of your espresso – this will vary according to taste.
          11. When your espresso’s poured, stop the water flow.
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