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Hello Smoother Coffee...

We've taken the very best that Oslo’s iconic coffee scene has to offer to deliver an incredibly smooth, bold & aromatic coffee loaded with raw natural goodness.

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Original Caf Blend

Light roast means MORE caffeine not less! Organic & multi award-winning, our Caf blend delivers a ridiculously smooth taste.

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Low Caf Blend

Where full caffeine is too much & decaf isn't enough... Our low caf delivers a 3rd LESS caffeine with no compromise on taste.

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Cup & Saucers

Handmade Scandi style cup & saucers. Bespoke ceramic 8oz cups & engraved beachwood saucers for your Norlo.

"The branding of this has my custom without even trying it! Beautifully intense, without being overwhelming. A stunning, smooth coffee perfect for the start of the day"


Inspired by Oslo's iconic coffee scene, where lighter, brighter coffee is drank from dawn till dusk, we ethically source the World's best organic coffees & roast our blends to light perfection.

Brighter Coffee

By the time you finish your first pack, we think you'll be converted to our incredibly clean coffee. Plus, try our innovative 'Light Caf' blend & enjoy a little less caffeine per cup.


Better for us & far better for the planet


Loaded with antioxidants & natural minerals

Very Smooth

Say goodbye to that generic bitter aftertaste

Lightest Roast

Incredibly smooth & bold flavour profile

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Delicious mellow, yet flavourful coffee.

Fiona B.
United Kingdom

Gorgeous coffee with clean taste.

Jamie V.
United Kingdom

Coffee smells amazing. Love love love the tins!

Hatti N.
United Kingdom

Can never get bored of this coffee!

Claire C.
United Kingdom

Smooth coffee, beautifully packed & organic!

Mark M.
United Kingdom

I knew I was going to love this before I tried it!

Margaret H.
United Kingdom