Private Label Partnerships

At Norlo, roasting award-winning quality coffee and housing it in innovative, fabulous packaging is what we do. Our private label coffee solution is absolutely no different! We control the entire process from sourcing, roasting, blending, packaging, quality control and we can also help with your branding if required. 

Whether you're a new start-up, retailer or hospitality firm, we have extensive experience in every facet of developing and producing coffee products which means you can trust us to deliver, not only exceptional coffee in a sustainable, ethical way but also offering pretty much every sustainable packaging option available! 


1. Select your bean Work with us to source your desired green (unroasted) beans. We can advise and what works best based on your objectives. 
2. Choose your roast Our signature roast profile is light roast, however, everyone has different taste's! If you don't have a roast in mind then we'll run through the merits of lights roasts through to dark.
3. Decide on packaging There's an abundance of packaging solutions out there. We would always advise on a sustainable solution and we can advise every step of the way. Be advised that your brand concept may heavily influence the packaging options!
4. Apply your brand(ing) Time for the 'fun' part... This is where we bring your product(s) to life and began to build that emotional connection between you and consumer! We consult and work with some super talented brand people should you require help in this area.


Norlo - Private label coffee roasting