Who We Are.

We're driven by delivering the lightest, healthiest coffee to those that dare to be different.

We're obsessive about how coffee can benefit our health & wellbeing for the better and we go to great lengths to make sure the quality of our coffee does our packaging justice! Norlo is the official coffee partner of the brave, the bold & those that dare to be different.

Determined to discover the world's best coffees, back in 2016, we visited & sampled some of Oslo's most iconic coffee houses and were blown away by how smooth and bright their coffee was. Unable to find anything quite so unique in the UK, we set out to create something extraordinary...

Taking the absolute best that Norweigan-style coffee has to offer and putting our own passion & expertise into practise, we've been ethically sourcing the World's best organic coffees and perfecting the Norlo blend. Since launch, we've been blown away by the incredible recognition received, winning numerous awards for both our coffee & branding.

In the words of our co-founder, Steph; "Don't imitate - INNOVATE ". This is exactly what we do.

Ethically sourced

Fairtrade certified & ethically sourced from the World's best organic farms.

Award winning

We're humbled to be multi-award winning for both our coffee and branding

Our Beans

Our coffee is grown nutrient-rich volcanic soil, hand-picked & sun-dried.

Our mission
Our mission is simple; to deliver exceptional coffee in an ethical, sustainable way.