How to use an Aeropress (Vacuum) - NORLO

How to use an Aeropress (Vacuum)

You'll need:

Norlo ground coffee
    Aeropress filter paper
          Aeropress scoop
              Aeropress paddle
                Favourite cup

                   Basic Aeropress Brewing Guide

                    1. Place a clean dry filter paper in the Aeropress cap and secure it to the body.
                    2. Place the body over your cup, with the cap down.
                    3. Flush the contraption with hot water. This will preheat the vessel and rinse the filter paper. Empty the water from your cup.
                    4. Put your ground coffee in the Aeropress body.
                    5. Pour in water, saturating all the grounds.
                    6. Stir it – quickly! – a couple of times.
                    7. At an angle, carefully insert the plunger. Once it’s in, pull it up slightly to create a vacuum.
                    8. After 90 seconds of steeping, start the plunge. You might have to push a little – watch out for the cup below. The extraction should take around 30 seconds.

                    For a Stronger Coffee

                      1. Rinse the paper filter with running tap water for 10 seconds.
                      2. Use 20 grams of espresso grind Norlo coffee (quite fine).
                      3. Pour 100 – 150g of water brought to a boil (straight from the water boiler) on the ground coffee.
                      4. Give the brew 3 vigourous stirs.
                      5. Press by using your body weight and enjoy.

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