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LoCa Blend

LoCa Blend

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Pack of:
Certified Organic
More Caffeine
30 Servings
Antioxidant Rich
Mineral Rich
Incredibly Smooth

Tasting notes

Wake up and embrace the day with Scandi Bliss Light Roast Coffee, your ticket to a morning full of sunshine and smiles! Our light roast is inspired by the Scandinavian love for simplicity and quality, delivering a bright, crisp flavour that dances on your taste buds like the northern lights in a cup.

Why You'll Love It:


Vibrant Flavour: Experience the delicate, fruity notes and subtle sweetness that make our light roast the star of your morning ritual.

Smooth and Balanced: Crafted for those who appreciate a gentle, easy-going coffee that’s never bitter, just blissfully smooth.

Scandi Style: Embrace the minimalist, yet sophisticated Scandinavian approach to coffee—less is more, and quality is everything.

Perfect For:

Morning Kickstart: Jumpstart your day with a refreshing brew that’s light on the palate but rich in character.

Afternoon Delight: Enjoy a serene coffee break that transports you to a cozy Nordic café, wherever you are.

Anytime Inspiration: Whether you’re brainstorming your next big idea or simply savouring a moment of peace, Scandi Bliss Light Roast is your perfect companion.

Make your mornings brighter and your coffee moments more delightful with Scandi Bliss Light Roast Coffee. Sip, savour, and smile—because life’s too short for boring coffee!


Clean Coffee Co.

Roasted for bolder brighter flavours with a healthier edge

  • Organic

    Organically grown in nutrient-rich soil

  • Healthier

    Roasted for less meaning greater goodness

  • Light Roast

    No burning here meaning bolder flavours

  • Non GMO

    Zero chemicals used growing of our beans


Are your bags recyclable?

Our coffee bags are made without any foil lining like many others. This means our bags can be thrown in the recycling without issue!

Does your roast taste like coffee?

Of course it does! Our coffee is... coffee! The difference is that Norlo coffee is very lightly roasted which means you're hit with more vibrant flavours. The longer you roast a coffee bean, the more you're 'burning it' which results in a generic tasting dark roast bean much like your average highstreet chains!

What are the best brew methods?

Our ground coffee is pre-ground for all traditional brewing types apart from espresso. Drip brew methods are the best as these extract maximum flavours from the coffee.

How can coffee actually be healthy?

Raw, green coffee beans hold an abundance of antioxidants, nutrients and minerals. During the roasting process these elements are 'roasted away' the longer the bean's roasted for. Since we don't don't roast for very long, much of this goodness remains in our beans!